Areas: Attic / Crawlspace / Walls

Insulate Your Home for Maximum Energy Efficiency.

Proper insulation in the Pacific Northwest is critical for keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Thermal Benefits of Insulation

Insulation has numerous thermal functions, including slowing heat transmission and reducing temperature variations.

Slowing heat transmission saves money by conserving energy when heating or cooling an area.

Reducing temperature variations within a confined space allows for proper energy conservation and enhanced comfort.  

Installing insulation also reduces the size of necessary equipment to heat or cool a space.

Non-Thermal Benefits

Other benefits of insulation include noise reduction, structural integrity, reducing air leakage, and fire resistance.

Insulation acts as a buffer, blocking sounds and vibrations inside and outside of an area.

Having insulation also adds structural strength to a building or house.

Air leakage and transmission of water vapor is impeded by insulation.  Certain types of insulation, such as closed cell spray foam, can act as a complete air seal within the area applied.

Insulation products are commonly manufactured with certain chemicals or materials for fire retardant properties.