Crawlspace Renovation

This project consists of a crawlspace removal and install. Removing and replacing crawlspace insulation can greatly help with reduced energy bills and air quality.

The first step in a crawlspace renovation is the removal.  Our team carefully bags up old insulation, rodent debris and any other garbage. Upon a full cleanout, a brand new vapor barrier may now be installed.

This project included rodent exclusion and duct sealing.  Any such additional services such as these are best taken care of between removal and new insulation install.  Rodent entry points are sealed with Metal Screens, cement, or liquid nail. In this project, the duct seal is applied to the heat ducting before wrapping with fiberglass insulation.  

With contaminated insulation removed and the crawlspace area sealed up from rodent intrusion, new insulation is ready to be installed in the cavities.  Properly installing the insulation with twine or wood lathe support keeps it firmly secured within the floor cavities.

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