In this project a layer of spray foam is applied before installing BIBS insulation. This combination is one of the most effective methods of home insulation.

Spray Foam Installation

Spray Foam is a new and rising form of insulation that provides an incredible amount of thermal capacity in such a dense form.  Every inch of spray foam is approximately an R-value of 7. Spray foam also acts as an air seal. As the technology improves and becomes more affordable, this type of insulation is becoming increasingly more common.

In this project the entire service area to be insulated is applied with 2 inches of closed cell spray foam. Applied across the service of the insulated area, the spray foam fully seals any cracks or electrical / plumbing penetrations into the living space.  Air sealing greatly increases thermal efficiency and provides benefits to the home air quality.

BIBS Application

Once the spray foam has been fully applied, the BIBS is ready to be installed.  A Blow In Blanket System (BIBS) is a perfect alternative to roll or batt insulation.   This system blows loose fill insulation smoothly and quickly into ceiling and wall cavities, providing complete gap-free coverage.

The polypropylene blanket membrane is first applied to the areas to be insulated.  The blanket is stapled along the framing to provide a full seal of the cavities within.  Once the blanket is fully installed, the cavities can be filled with blow in cellulose insulation.  The hose is carefully threaded down and back the entire cavity to ensure it is fully packed.

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